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Vancoulver, WA, U.S.A. => 120' Ocean Alexander which Christensen builds and sells for OA.

You are looking at a 50M under build. In the middle is the superstructure for the 120' Ocean Alexander which Christensen builds and sells for OA.  Nice boats.

The next two fotos are the 120' hull in the hull mold.  

Some facts about the OA are as follows:
  1. Other than manufactured items, such as engines, electronics, etc. it is 100% made in the USA at Christensen Shipyards by Christensen master-craftsmen. These are items like cabinetry, wood moldings, marble and granite, and furnishings.
  2. The OA 120 is 3" wider beam at the waterline than the Westport 40m (130').
  3. The OA 120 has 100 sf more air-conditioned space due to full beam master suite.
  4. The OA 120 has a tender garage, four guest cabins, and full beam on-deck master suite.
  5. The OA 120 is completely vacuum infused in one piece sections by deck, with composite materials such as Divynicell, carbon fiber, e-glass, Kevlar, vinlyester resins and Durakane epoxies. These are the best materials in the industry, combined with vacuum infusion, which achieves strengths in the 90,000 psi range. Three times stronger than traditional hand lay-up of fiberglass and typical metal yacht construction.
  6. The OA 120 is regularly surveyed by the American Bureau of Shipping and European Maritime Coast Guard Agency and will be certified ABS/MCA Unlimited Cruising.
  7. The OA 120 is Christensen's 39th yacht built over 110' and 47th yacht built to date.

The best way to understand the quality of the yachts built by Christensen is to come to our facility and see first-hand. We have many yachts at different phases of construction, so you will see all aspects. Currently we have three (soon to be four) 50m Christensens being built. And we have the first OA 120 going as well. The second will start in September. 

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